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    Best Books for Programmers, Developers and Computer Science College Students

    Here’s a listing of Top 5 books for Computer Science in different domains. These books have been proved very beneficial to thousands of programmers, designers, developers, students & professionals all over the world. We hope that you obtain what you want from of these books

       1.C Programming Language: Brian W.Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie


    Co-Authored by Dennis Ritchie himself, the author of the C language and UNIX operating system, this is a comprehensive guide to ANSI standard C language programming. This supports readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while explaining how to take advantage of C’s rich kit of operators, data structures, the market of expression and advanced control flow. It Includes complete coverage of the C language and the additional model of C language source manual for at-a-glance help with scope rules, ANSI changes, syntax notation, declarations and the list continues.


       2.Headfirst Java: Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates

    The programming knowledge procedure of Head First Java is a separate one compared to other books. It is extremely interactive with memorable analogies, casual language, and excellent mind-sketching examples. The book thoroughly includes clear examples to help you grasp and analyze diverse aspects of Java in a much reliable way. Total, it stimulates new programmers to invent and access the language like a Java programmer.


       3.Modern Operating Systems: Andrew S.Tanenbaum

    Modern Operating Systems (widely known as MOS) is a preferred book across the globe and includes the primaries of an operating system with small quantities of code written in autonomous C language. MOS describes many scheduling algorithms.


       4.Cracking the coding interview: Gayle Lackmann mcDowell

    This book takes the development of our understanding of Computer Science basis to the next level, to support the application of those fundamentals to crack the coding interview. It contains 150 questions grouped by categories, covering all the relevant areas. This book is an excellent compilation of problems, strategies, and approaches one must know for doing well in a Tech interview.


       5.Code Complete: Steve McConnell

    Code-CompleteCode-CompleteCode Complete suggests a thorough as well as a common-sense proposal to programming and coding. It supplies guidelines and hints about how to write your code and why. This book drills down proper programming practices. It is ideal for both experienced programmers and new developers, alike, New programmers benefit greatly because they will learn how to construct software correctly. Experienced developers will also learn a great deal, that they have developed over the years which prevents the creation and cause software development to grow more complicated than it is. This work often is seen at the Top of ‘Best Computer Science Books Ever’ lists!

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